Monday, March 21, 2011

Why we should not call a Constitutional Convention

I have discussed this thoroughly before. One of the reasons is that a Constitutional Convention can get out of control, just as the convention to amend the Articles of Confederation did in 1787. The result could be an entirely new Constitution, like that proposed by Rexford P. Tugwell in 1974, called the "Constitution of the Newstates of America." *  In it, you will see that the Federal Government would be given the power to abolish States, reducing them to administrative units with less freedom of action than our counties have today.

* The original link to this document was through the site of an anti-Semitic hate group.  A friend found for me a neutral link to present the same document.

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Barga said...

there is a way to keep this from happening, though it is rather tough:

1) You find a group of people who pledge their money and property as collateral - hold in escrow in another country
2) Have a ballot initiative demanding the call conditional that these people are the people who get to draft it
3) give them what you want

that's the only way. Of course, they could ignore it and have the constitution grant their stuff back...