Friday, March 25, 2011

The politics of freedom is like an unfair basketball game

... so says Charlie Earl in littlestuff-minoosha using an apt comparison with March Madness. While I agree that blunt talk is necessary, it need not be uncivil. For example, in my less than humble opinion, there is no excuse for namecalling or personal attacks -- ever. But stating the truth honestly and without regard for whether or not the truth is pleasant is absolutely necessary.

The liberty movement is in the unfortunate position of having to work twice as hard to accomplish half as much. We therefore must maintain a "laser-like" focus on our "goal of restoring our constitutional republic," and as Charlie writes, avoid rancor within the movement.

However, if we are to maintain that laser-like focus, we have to agree on our priorities. If you have not yet commented on my Wednesday post on setting priorities, please do so now.

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