Friday, March 11, 2011

We need the freedom to build a sensible car

My friend Sherry Mann wonders on Facebook why, if America is so free, we can't buy a sensible car. Volkswagen is getting ready to introduce a non-hybrid concept car (granted, it's a one-seater) that gets 258 mpg, and can go 75 mph.

Nanny says we can't have it -- consumer safety, you know -- so we can just go into our corner and pout.

Update Mar. 12: A commenter has noted that one way around Nanny is to have a car designer license the design for manufacture and sale in-state. His inspiration came from a kit automobile, the King Midget, manufactured in Athens from 1946-1970. 


Anonymous said...

We can't have it for trade between states, but what if the company just makes the parts. You know, the body and electronics, and recommends components?

Then you have the plans made public, and sell certification to manufacture the car in state.

In other words, I handle the design and decentralize the actual building to customer spec by builders within the state. That might allow us more freedom in that regard to manufacture the high-mileage vehicles based on tried and true designs.

PS: The King Midget was built in Athens, Ohio.

Harold Thomas said...


That is one of the most creative ideas I have heard in some time! I had never heard of King Midget; but perhaps it's time to revive the concept. I'll include the link in an update to the post.