Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Tea Parties STILL don't get it

Update April 1: The rally was not heavily publicized in the media, and likely for good reason. The turnout, estimated at 200, was pathetic. The event was well organized, but very poorly publicized. (I did not know of the rally until the day it was being held, and then only through Facebook). Here is the UPI report, for what it's worth.

More than a year ago, I warned that if the Tea Parties started drinking the Washington Kool-Aid, they would fail. I warned last August that Glenn Beck's 8-28 rally would not accomplish anything politically (though, perhaps, it did morally). So what is Tea Party Nation planning? Yup. Yet another rally in the imperial capital, which they call "Continuing Revolution 3.31."

It will surely fail. Even Congressmen who were elected as Tea Party supporters have failed the movement. With extremely few exceptions (starting with Ron Paul), the Washington environment corrupts whomever it touches. For the rest of my reasoning, I yield my space to Mike Tuggle at Rebellion (emphasis added):

How, then, can concerned patriots hope to bring about real reform? Go where real battles are being fought for the reforms the people demand, and you'll find yourself at the local and State level. The reasons for this are simple. For one thing, DC is too divided politically, with conservative States grappling endlessly with liberal States for mythical "one-size-fits-all" legislation.

Worse, the DC bureaucracy actively opposes the reforms the people of the States so desperately need -- how else can you explain Obama siding with Mexico to oppose the people of Arizona to control the border? State initiatives not only work, they send shudders down the jellied spines of the ruling elite -- and if you don't think so, read the ruling elite's frantic denunciations of State efforts to solve the problems DC won't, and ask yourself why these efforts terrify our rulers.

Here's the entire text of a recent email from a [Rebellion] reader:

How can we get more involved in FREEDOM?
There's no mystery here. If you want to catch fish, you head toward water, not the desert.
Graphic by Mike Tuggle at Rebellion.

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