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Harold Thomas is available to speak to your group!

I have a passion for returning Ohioans to a free society, and would like to share that passion with your organization! Contact me by e-mail for additional information, or to schedule an appearance. If one of these presentations does not meet your requirements, let’s talk about how I can meet the needs for your event.

While Harold Thomas was a student at Ohio Northern University, he had a Constitutional History professor who admitted that she "had a love affair with the Constitution." She passed that love on to him. Over the years, he has come to appreciate the Founding Fathers' genius and deep understanding of human nature reflected in that document. In the last twenty years, he has studied issues related to states' rights and secession, which led to starting his blog, The Ohio Republic, in September 2007.

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Harold will supply his own projector for PowerPoint presentations.

Topics Available
“State Sovereignty: What’s in it for me?” Learn why passing Ohio’s nullification resolutions is essential to curb federal encroachment on the rights of the states and of individuals. Harold will go into the history of states’ rights in the United States, review the features of Ohio’s pending legislation, and suggest action steps to persuade the General Assembly to adopt them. He will also touch on why secession is a necessary last resort when all else fails. 40 minutes, includes PowerPoint.

“Should Ohio consider independence?” When the first Tea Parties were held last April, Texas Governor Rick Perry caused a stir when he suggested that secession might become necessary in the future. Harold will present to you his case for Ohio independence, suggest how it might be accomplished, and consider pitfalls to avoid. 40 minutes, includes PowerPoint.

“What is decentralism?” Not everyone, even in the liberty movements, agrees on the purpose and role of government in our society. Harold will present, clearly and logically, an approach that is less intrusive than mainstream politics, but acknowledges that some government is still necessary to the preservation of our liberties. 40 minutes, includes PowerPoint.

• "What liberty really means" A closer look at the Declaration of Independence, displaying just how radical the document was ... and is25 minutes, no PowerPoint.

“Choose Freedom!” A motivational speech to rouse the troops to act in defense of their Consitutional liberties. 7½ minutes, no PowerPoint. 

Fees are individually negotiated, and a group's ability to pay is taken into consideration. A 20% discount is extended for payment in silver coin (ask for details). Harold accepts some engagements free of charge.

Contact me for more information or to set up a speaking engagement.