Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today is Ohio Statehood Day

A date hardly anyone observes, but is central to our identity as Ohioans. Part of the reason may be that it is the last of three dates that mark Ohio's statehood:
  • November 29, 1802, when Ohio adopted its first state constitution and ratified that of the United States;
  • February 19, 1803, when the Congress of the United States passed the Enabling Act recognizing Ohio's statehood and establishing the United Stated District Court for Ohio, and
  • March 1, 1803, when the first General Assembly convened in Chillicothe.
The story of how Ohio became a state is an interesting tale of political intrigue between Jeffersonians who wanted Ohio's seats in Congress, and Federalists who wanted to delay Ohio's statehood. It may be found at the Ohio Historical Society's History Central.
    Take a few minutes to think about what Ohio means to you. For all of the troubles Ohio has experienced in the last thirty years, there are many lessons we can learn from our past success. Be proud to be an Ohioan!

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