Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SB 5 amended, Senate vote expected Wednesday

Following are the major provisions of an omnibus amendment to the collective bargaining bill in the Ohio Senate, as reported by WCMH-TV in Columbus:
  1. State employees will have collective bargaining rights on matters related to wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment; but not health care benefits, pension pickups, privatization of services, workforce levels, or other provisions.
  2. There will be no right to strike for any public employees.
  3. Provides all public employees with a standard procedure for settling disputes.
  4. Clarifies public employer rights in hiring, discharging and disciplining employees, work assignments and hours, qualifications of employees, and employee rules.
  5. Sets bargaining timelines.
  6. Revises definition of bargaining unit for fire departments.
  7. Maintains pay ranges, but without step increases. Pay may be increased according to merit. Teachers' merit pay is according to definitions already in statute.
  8. Reduces maximum vacation leave at 4½ weeks at 19 years of service (from 6 weeks at 24 years of service). Sick leave for all public employees is limited to 10 days per year.
  9. Clarifies that health care benefits apply equally to all employees.
  10. Restores existing law on School Employees Healthcare Board.
  11. Allows new collective bargaining agreements to be reopened when a political subdivision is under a fiscal emergency watch.
  12. Allows teachers to negotiate initial contract up to 3 years, with subsequent contracts of 2-5 years.
  13. Clarifies when public university faculty is under the bargaining unit, and when they are considered to be management.
  14. Prohibits seniority from being the sole factor in determining order of layoff, with special rules for teachers.

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