Friday, March 11, 2011

Gallup Poll: Republicans and Democrats mostly agree on cuts in state spending

From Clips & Comment:
Gallup is out with another survey asking what we Americans prefer when it comes to combating state fiscal problems. According to their survey, most of us (65%) respond favorably to cutting or eliminating state programs. Sixty-two percent responded favorably to cutting the number of state employees.

Without much support is borrowing money (30% favor) and raising taxes (32% favor).

Forty-nine percent of respondents favor changes in state collective bargaining laws as a way to trim budgets.

Although Gallup modified their questionnaire from a like survey in February, there is strong evidence that the number of people supporting cuts and program eliminations is on the rise. Another interesting point in the survey is that Democrats and Republicans agree more than they disagree on the proposed budget remedies surveyed. Majorities of respondents from both parties favor program and employee cuts, but they diverge on the union question with only 31% of Democrats supporting changes in state labor laws while 66% of Republicans favor limiting collective bargaining.

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