Wednesday, March 9, 2011

If this isn't unconstitutional, nothing is.

Judge Andrew Napolitano substituting for Glenn Beck on Fox News, reported that President Obama has signed an executive order claiming the right to keep persons incarcerated at Guantánamo Bay for life, even after acquittal. This power is unprecedented in Western history. Not even Hitler or Stalin went this far.

Bottom line:

Why should you care about this? Because if the government gets away with it by demonizing these prisoners and making it the popular thing to happen, it could happen to you.
And if this isn't a "high crime or misdemeanor" under the Constitution, nothing is. One commenter to the posting on a site that quoted this described our future in America as "hell on earth." If this trajectory isn't corrected soon, that commenter is likely to be proven right.


Jeffrey G said...

I'm assuming this is referring to Executive Order 13567. I didn't read it thoroughly, but I wasn't able to find the section that claims this right on first scan.

Can you comment on which section of Executive Order 13567 claims this right?

Anonymous said...

I too have read the exec order and not surprisingly cannot find where it says that among all the legalese here it is: