Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Need more evidence that the feds are out of control?

Then check this out, from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Seems that some anti-war activists (including historically peaceful Quakers) and Tea Partiers had rallies that aroused the suspicion of the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response, a federally-funded organization advising agencies in Pennsylvania of possible terrorist threats.

And oh, yes, participating in public hearings will get you on their radar screen as well:
The reports ignited controversy earlier this week when opponents of Marcellus gas drilling learned that gas companies had received the "Pennsylvania Intelligence Bulletin" listing their planned participation in public hearings as part of a warning about potential terrorist threats to public infrastructure.
The Tea Party rallies were suspect because they "might attract white nationalists."
The bulletins alarmed Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell enough that he announced that the Institute's $103,000 contract will not be renewed in October. The State Senate is planning an investigation.

This is where our ultra-security psychology has taken us. Now, it is not enough to watch for crime being committed so the perpetrator can be brought to justice; we have to assume that some people are criminals because they hold certain political opinions.

Does anyone besides me have a problem with this? Courts can judge actions -- only God can judge what is in our hearts. But when government gets too much power, it wants to play God.

Virtual buckeye to Rebellion for the article and the graphic.

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