Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to win friends and influence people

Spray paint "Impeach [Arizona Governor Jan] Brewer" and "Deport [Sheriff Joe] Arpaio" on the U.S. and Arizona flags, lay them on the ground, walk on them, and put a toilet seat on the stars of the U.S. flag. I won't show the pictures here, but they are disgusting even to a secessionist. It was reported by KOLD-TV 13 in Phoenix.

While the protesters undoubtedly were reveling in their First Amendment rights, it is yet another example of things people can do, but shouldn't, if they want any support at all. I guess they figure that with our weak border security, reconquista is just a matter of time.

Virtual buckeye to Dave Dickensheets.


Buckeye Copperhead said...

Someday, probably very soon, there won't be law enforcement around (or law enforcement willing) to protect these maggots.

Harold Thomas said...

Buckeye Copperhead:
You're probably right, though even behavior this disgusting is (and should be) protected by the First Amendment.
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