Saturday, September 11, 2010


Last year and the year before, I wrote about the questions that surround the events of 9-11 -- whether they were really the work of Al-Qaeda, or were an "inside job." There is little point to rehashing these issues; because they may never be resolved.

This year, however, we seem to be experiencing an attempt to whip up hatred of Muslims, beginning with the media-induced campaign against opening the Islamic center in Lower Manhattan, and continuing with the threatened burning of the Koran in Florida. My concern is not with either issue (which I have addressed in earlier posts); but with the way they are being hyped.

Let me be blunt. All efforts to incite hatred are evil. Political and social leaders who preach hatred of others are pursuing agendas that should be questioned closely and shouted down.

Martin Luther King, Jr., had the right idea when he preached non-violence. But the only way to guarantee non-violence is to practice it in thought as well as action.

Those of us who want revolutionary change do so because we love liberty, and want to free our fellow Americans to achieve everything they are capable of. Hatred only strengthens the oppressor.

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