Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How to fill the $8 billion budget hole

Ken Matesz, Libertarian candidate for Governor has an answer; but frankly, it takes my breath away. According to Marc Kovac at the Kent Record-Courier, Mr. Matesz wants to:

(Full text of speech)

        • Eliminate the Ohio income tax by fiscal 2013

        • Cut state spending by 40%

        • Immediately stop all state borrowing

        • Sell the Ohio Turnpike, the state universities, the Bureau of Workers Compensation, and all state parks and lands

        • Allow video slots at horse racing tracks

        • Reduce the prison population by 25,000 inmates
        I do not agree with all the points in the plan above (the Ohio Turnpike is a net revenue source that we need right now, and I have some problems with selling all of the state parks; though perhaps some of them could be targeted for sale). But his plan has one cardinal virtue. It is a plan, in contrast to the silence of his opponents.

        "Neither of my high-dollar, special-interest-supported opponents is prepared to make the tough choices that will position Ohio to become the freest, most business friendly, most family friendly and most productive state in the union," he said...

        He added, "We don't need a few more decades of Democrats and Republicans with the same policies that got us to where we are today. There really is no difference between the policies of Kasich and Strickland. Both of them are big government politicians, big spenders, who continue to offer no real solutions."

        Mr. Matesz's plan needs some tweaking; but again, at least it is a plan, and he deserves credit for formulating a solution to Ohio's toughest challenge. True leadership requires us as citizens to accept that the solution to a problem may be hard to take -- but will greatly benefit us later.

        As I wrote in an earlier headline, Mr. Matesz has laid down the gauntlet. Will either of his opponents pick it up?

        Remember, the lesser of two evils is still evil. Ohio needs solutions, not spin.

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        Harold Thomas said...

        Mr. Matesz replied in Facebook:

        "Harold, the important point of this budget proposal is NOT the minute details, most of which will never see the light of day beyond this pre-election proposal. The point here is that I have axe in hand and am not afraid to use it to the benefit of the citizens. The chances that this proposal would skate through the legislature without serious modification is ZERO. But my insistence on a budget that contains no income tax will remain, unless the legislature can override my veto. THAT is the heart of the issue."

        I agree with Ken, and I do favor at least a gradual elimination of the state income tax.