Sunday, September 19, 2010

If a police officer knocks down your door in Ohio, you have the right to take his picture

Several of my friends in Facebook have posted a link to's article on how some states can use illegal wiretapping laws to prohibit a bystander from photographing a police officer committing brutality or making an illegal entry.

The good news is, Ohio is not one of them. In fact, recording a conversation on the phone without the consent of the other party is legal in Ohio, provided that the person recording is one of the parties to the conversation and is not a law enforcement officer (Ohio Revised Code 2933.52(B)(4)). My spot check of the ORC did not find any prohibition on the use of cameras by individuals to record the acts of police.

Ohio law is more effective than most at protecting the liberties of the people; but it is so because Ohioans stand up for their rights, with the help of organizations like the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law. "Eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty." - Jefferson

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