Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DC and Mexico hypocritical on immigration policy

Mexico, because it builds a wall on its southern border; and DC, because it doesn't criticize Mexico either for restricting immigration from Guatemala or for sending immigrants up here.

Dave Gibson at the National Examiner cites an article from the Inter-Press Service (Wikipedia link, no direct link available) with the following very interesting news:
The Inter-Press Sevice (IPS) is reporting that the head administrator of the Mexican Superintendency of Tax Administration, Raul Diaz, has confirmed that his government is building a wall in the state of Chiapas, along the Mexican/Guatemalan border.

The official reason is to stop contraband from coming into Mexico, but as Diaz admitted: “It could also prevent the free passage of illegal immigrants.”

According to Mexico's National Commission on Human Rights, 500,000 people from Central America cross into Mexico illegally every year.

Just as Mexican authorities have opposed the construction of a fence by the U.S., along our border with their country, Mexico is now receiving a great deal of criticism from the Guatemalan government.
... undoubtedly for the same reason that Mexico protests any effort to curb illegal immigration into the United States.

So why do we let Mexico have it both ways, against our own national interest? Let me suggest a reason. There is no political advantage to Guatemalan immigration into Mexico -- but if you can keep bringing in the illegal immigrants and load them up with federal entitlements, they will keep the Democrats in power forever.

However, if the elections go the way the pundits are predicting, the new Congress might have something about this. Or am I being too optimistic? Perhaps I ought to say, "the new Congress should have something to say about this."

Virtual buckeyes to Mike McCool.

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