Thursday, June 25, 2009

State Sovereignty Update - 6/25

The Tenth Amendment Center reports that Louisiana is the seventh* State to enact a State sovereignty resolution. The House voted 59-12 in favor of SCR 2 yesterday, following a unanimous 32-0 vote in the State Senate.

* The Tenth Amendment Center and I differ on Alaska, which they report as enacted, but which I find is still awaiting Gov. Palin's signature.

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And Tennessee was quick to follow -their jerk-of-a-governor signed HJR0108 (Tennessee Sovereignty Resolution) - which is kinda surprising after he scoffed at the passage of the Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act (which he refused to sign or veto), and shortly before that he broke a campaign promise by vetoing right-to-carry in restaurants serving alcohol (The legislature swiftly overrode his veto)!