Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hawai'i: Restoration, not secession

I have not posted much on Hawai'i, in part because easily readable information has been difficult to find. Hawai'i's situation is unique. While other States were independent prior to admission to the Union, Hawai'i is the only State to be independent prior to acquisition as a territory. The record shows that the legality of that State's addition is highly questionable. The annexation of Hawai'i to the United States was not a cession because it occurred without the consent of the Hawai'ian government and people, therefore Hawai'i technically cannot secede.

The legal argument is that Hawai'i's is a Republic (or arguably, still a Kingdom) that has been under a 111-year occupation by the United States. Further information is available from the Hawaiian Independence Blog.


Barga said...

The thing is, this ignores the ruling powers, any signed treaties, and the like

that is like saying Florida is really going back to the Seminoles

Anonymous said...


There are lots of websites with history information about the Hawaiian Kingdom/Kingdom of Hawaii.

It was a recognized country and had treaties with foreign countries including the United States. None of those treaties have ever been broken except by the United States!!

Hawaii Revised Statutes (H.R.S.) comes from Hawaiian Kingdom laws and have been revised over the years to be brought up to date. That tells you that Hawaiian Kingdom was a lawful and recognized form of government and their laws still prevails.

It was a 'land grab' with some elite rich & powerful men. The U.S. government was told some of their 'citizens' lives were at stake and therefore, the U.S. Marines were sent to Hawaii. Nothing was further from the truth.

To avoid any bloodshed Hawaii's beloved Queen Lili'uokalan yielded her authority as the head of State for the Hawaiian Kingdom government until such time as the U.S. government would resolve the issue.

NO, they had her imprisoned in her own Palace! They then setup their own government, not once but several times.... and the U.S. government knew it was all a fraud.

Look to the U.S. Library of Congress for the documentations that tell the story. The story has been told to Congress and they just turn their heads away from the real truth.

It's all about the land and power that the United States claims to have Hawaii as a State. Local people know the real truth and want their lawful Hawaiian Kingdom government restored!!