Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beware of Trojan horses!

Readers of George Orwell’s novel 1984 may recall that one of the tricks Big Brother’s government used was to create a false-front “opposition” movement. The leader of this movement was a fictional character named Emmanuel Goldstein. However, it turns out that the opposition was created and controlled by the government to identify and eliminate potential dissidents.

This came to mind when LibertyInLaw at the Ohio Freedom Alliance posted a piece written by Arthur R. Thompson, CEO of the John Birch Society, entitled “Controlled Opposition.” She called it "a must read for everyone in the liberty movement." While I am not a member of the Society, I do respect much of its work. I particularly respect its awareness of how good people can be subtly manipulated by evil forces within governments. In this piece, which is far too long to reproduce here, Mr. Thompson expresses concern that the Tea Parties and similar demonstrations will be followed by other actions that will discredit those who are working for State sovereignty, secession, honest money, and related causes – violent actions that will have been instigated by agents of the U.S. government.

He cites Oklahoma City in 1995 as a precedent for what could happen, noting that the bombing virtually neutralized opposition to the Clinton Administration:

“The bombing in Oklahoma City blew apart more than the Murrah Building. It almost halted the rising groundswell of opposition to the Clinton aministration. The anti-Clinton movement was as large, if not larger, than the current Tea Party movement, the End the Fed rallies, and other recent phenomena. The Oklahoma City bombing made opposition to Clinton and his policies seem like terrorism, deflating the average citizen’s desire to participate.

” … There is much evidence about the OKC bombing which points to elements within our own government being involved. Now with the recent Missouri and the Department of Homeland Security report detailing the dangers of right-wing terrorism, our American law enforcement community is being prepared for such an event. If the Insiders can pull it off, this could well burst the bubble of recent resistance to the march toward socialism.”

Public relations is a tricky business in revolutionary times:

“Only by a concerted action program that gets you in front of opinion molders with educational material on whatever issue can now be successful. You must follow this course because you don’t have effective control of the education process, the media, and most of the government.”

”We have none of these advantages, so we have to do it the hard way. Let’s face it. Most people do not like work, let alone hard work. Except for the organizing effort, demonstrations for most people amount to simply showing up and going home. The end.

”Demonstrations are also open invitations for the strangest individuals to show up with signs, costumes, and extreme literature to make the crowd look less than normal. These are the folks that the media gravitates to, trying to show their audiences that our side is kooky. They do not show mom and dad with the kids at the demonstration on TV; they show the oddballs. Then the other moms and dads at home, even if they agree with the sentiment of the demonstrators, do not associate with them in any way.”

Does this make demonstrations bad? Mr. Thompson doesn’t think so:

“Will demonstrations continue? Absolutely, because of the world we live in. Should we shun them? No. But let us understand that they can be both destructive and productive. If they are arranged by good people, then let us use them to educate and build permanent, effective organization. For organization is what is needed to combat the highly organized conspiracy we must expose and rout.”

If you don’t like the Birchers, then join the Ohio Freedom Alliance or another organization that promotes freedom in this State – but add your voice and your hands to the effort! At the same time, be watchful for those who would use our organizations and efforts to defeat our cause. Not paranoid, just take the same care in choosing political associates as you would in choosing your friends.

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