Wednesday, June 3, 2009

State Sovereignty Update - 6/3

The Texas House of Representatives passed HCR 50 by a vote of 99-36. Contrary to media assertions, the Texas resolution does not contain a secession trigger; so (if the media are honest), there should be no panic over its passage. The measure has been engrossed and sent to the Texas Senate.

As of May 26, fifteen States had not yet introduced any State sovereignty resolutions. Viewed on a political map, the list would be predictable -- nearly all are the bluest of blue States. Then we got a pleasant surprise. Rep. Jeffrey Davis Perry (R-Sandwich, Massachusetts) introduced a resolution in that State's General Court, according to the Tenth Amendment Center. The text of the resolution is included in the link. (I was unable to find a reference in, the official Commonwealth of Massachusetts website).

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