Thursday, June 11, 2009

The struggle for freedom is non-partisan

Many people have the misconception that the State sovereignty and secessionist movements are a partisan phenomenon -- Republicans sore about losing last year. I have previously noted that this not true -- there are Democrats who sponsor state sovereignty resolutions*; and the movement is truly broad-based.

As proof, I submit the following article, reprinted in its entirety from Vermont Commons. It's author, Dan Weintraub is a Democratic candidate for Congress in 2010. His list of issues certainly addresses traditional Democrat concerns.

So, let's hear no more about State sovereignty being a "right-wing" or "Republican" issue -- the cause of freedom is the cause of us all.

"We Fight This Battle For Our Kids

"Today I read a troubling tale. Seems the government has taken yet one more step toward destroying whatever vestige of sovereignty the American people currently retain in this failing nation of ours:

"From via ML Implode: '...There was no indication what they were looking for or what crime, if any, was being investigated, just a blanket subpoena for voluminous and detailed records on every private citizen who dared to speak about a federal tax case...'

"It is time to fight back. In fact, it is well past time that we fought back. We are late, and the clock is ticking. Below I will reprint a piece that I penned in prior months. But before I do so, let me add one quick thought.

"As you know, I am running for Congress in 2010 ( I am running as a Democrat in Vermont, and I plan upon defeating Peter Welch in the fall of '10 and heading to Washington to do battle with an establishment that has utterly perverted our Constitutional Democracy and that has left the middle class
out to dry. And I will NOT be silenced. My kids are counting on me. And armed with the TRUTH, my voice is going to be heard.

"I promise you that.

"Friday, December 12, 2008
"March To The Sea And Make Salt

"Satya is the Sanskrit word for 'truth'; agraha means 'great enthusiasm and interest'. The two words combined may be rendered as 'the firmness of truth.' The term was popularized during the Indian Independence Movement, and is used in many Indian languages including Hindi. It can also mean 'the force of truth.' On March 12, 1930, Gandhi and 78 male satyagrahis set out on foot for the coastal village of Dandi, Gujarat, 390 kilometres (240 mi) from their starting point at Sabarmati Ashram. At Aslali, and the other villages that the march passed through, volunteers collected donations, registered new satyagrahis, and received resignations from village officials who chose to end cooperation with British rule. As they entered each village, crowds greeted the marchers, beating drums and cymbals. Gandhi gave speeches attacking the salt tax as inhuman, and the salt satyagraha as a 'poor man's battle.' Each night they slept in the open, asking of the villagers nothing more than simple food and a place to rest and wash. Gandhi felt that this would bring the poor into the battle for independence, necessary for eventual victory. Thousands of satyagrahis and leaders like Sarojini Naidu joined him. Every day, more and more people joined the march. At Surat, they were greeted by 30,000 people. Near the end of the march, Gandhi declared, 'I want world sympathy in this battle of Right against Might.' (from Wikipedia)

"It is time that the power of truth be brought to bear on the 'powers-that-be' who, through their collective greed and criminality, have placed the entire world in great peril. The actions of the men of Wall Street and the Men of Capitol Hill have left an entire world on the brink of ruin. Hope for many is already gone. These men have chosen to sacrifice billions of us on the alter of avarice. Their mansions and yachts are testimonies to our poverty, their lavish homes a reminder of our homelessness, their Thanksgiving feasts a symbol of our hunger.

"And at the heart of it all, of all of the suffering heaped upon the backs of billions of people, are the lies. The power of truth has been beaten down by the forces of greed and gluttony. We rationalize the 30 million dollar salary of the CEO as being justly earned based upon the amount of wealth that his corporation creates, but now of course we know that it is all a lie. Wealth based upon 'growth' that is in fact debt (leverage) is not wealth at all, it is fraud. But the greedy nonetheless use this debt as the collateral they need to live in their mansions and drive their Mercedes and sail on their yachts, while the rest of us are left to repay these debts through taxes and cuts in services to the poor and our own debt-servitude. And all of the men in power are complicit in this lie, all of the governmental agencies that have facilitated the lies are guilty of damning the rest of us to nothing more than poverty. And as Gandhi said, poverty is the worst form of violence. And the list of lies is truly endless:

- Accounting Fraud
- Lending Fraud
- Asset Valuation Fraud (Mark-To-Fantasy)
- Ponzi Fraud
- Unemployment Reporting Fraud
- Tax Fraud - Insider Trading Fraud
- Derivatives Fraud
- TARP Fraud
- Securities Fraud
- WMD [Weapons of Mass Destruction] Fraud
- Fractional Reserve Banking Fraud
- Currency Fraud
- Keynesian Fraud
- Election Fraud

"Obviously an epic list, and all perpetrated by the wealthy and powerful in order to perpetuate the system, at any and all costs. And now we are the cost, and for the liars, that is an acceptable price to pay. Our lives, the lives of billions of people, our suffering, our hunger, are acceptable to the wealthy and powerful. When will enough be enough? Maybe it is time that we March To The Sea, And Make Salt."

* John Will Stacy is not only a Democrat, he is the Majority Whip in the Kentucky House.

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