Monday, June 15, 2009

State Sovereignty Resolution Update - 6/15

Mississippi's State Sovereignty resolution SCR630 died in House Committee, an apparent victim of political correctness, according to the Southern Mississippi Campaign for Liberty. This is their analysis of what happened:

"Getting back to the heart of the destruction of this resolution, we go back to amendment 1. If you pull this up on the state legislature site, you will see that this was authored by Rep. Bailey. He was specifically talking about line 81 and wanted the language added that the legislature was not questioning the Federal jurisdiction to regulate wage, hour regulations, interstate commerce regulation, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965.

"Civil Rights and Voting Rights really have nothing to do with this resolution to assert states rights. Also, the part about the legislature not question the Federal Government on wage, hour and commerce kinda goes counter to the entire purpose of HC -69, doesn’t it?!

"Now on to amendment 2 which really took all the power or purpose out of this resolution. Rep. Cecil Brown from Hinds County District 66 essentially killed the whole deal in amendment 2. He wanted to strike through lines 39 through 63 which was basically everything of import. At this point, the resolution is so weak that it’s meaningless. "

This stresses the need to educate the public as to why it is to the advantage of the people to assert the sovereignty of their States. In fairness to Mississippi, the word "sovereignty" has a peculiar and highly emotive meaning in that State, which undoubtedly complicates the matter for them.

I have also been alerted to a website that is promoting a State sovereignty resolution in New York. The draft is quite lengthy and totally unique.

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PhreedomPhan said...

Sorry, I know it's off topic for this post but I wanted to make sure you didn't miss the Washington Times article: Mont. gun law challenges federal powers

I was also wondering if you ever bothered to read my post on regional government, the federal plan to destroy the States and local governments, in my lostliberty blog.