Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ohio's economic history 1970-2009

Those of us who have lived in Ohio the last 4o years understand that our State economy has mostly declined over those years; but Robert Barga at Whalertly brings it into high relief by presenting a carefully-researched report comparing the State with that county that has a very atypical economic base -- Franklin County. The numbers are revealing, and the report very interesting.

Secessionist note: According to the report, Ohio, with all its problems, would still have the 17th largest economy in the world.

Virtual buckeye to The Carnival of Ohio Politics, to which The Ohio Republic is also a contributor.


Barga said...

note, said barga is also only 21, which puts it in a different light

Barga said...

you know, there is a map that shows each state's economy as if it were a country, are you interested in it?

Harold Thomas said...

Interesting map, wasn't it? I used it a month ago.