Monday, February 16, 2009

Update on New Hampshire and our own Sovereignty Resolutions

On Saturday, I reported that the New Hampshire House State and Federal Relations Committee reported out its sovereignty resolution (HCR0006) with the status of "ITL", which I have learned means "Inexpedient to Legislate." I still wonder what drew them to that conclusion. Conspiracy theorists could have a field day with that.

On a related note, talk show host Glenn Beck, who has been fond of satirizing secessionism, may be finally getting it. He interviewed Rep. Dan Itse, the sponsor of the New Hampshire resolution, which is in a YouTube video.

Here in Ohio, most of the comments on the Ohio resolution have been encouraging, but I have to answer one hostile comment in this space. The writer ("Anonymous", of course) asks, "so what's their strategy? wait for stimulus money and then give the finger to the .gov?"

This question is off base for two reasons. First, neither The Ohio Republic nor the great majority of proponents of this resolution are in favor of the stimulus package. In fact most of us call it "porkulus", because it does a better job of sending money to favored projects than it does directing funds toward real economic stimulus. As we noted earlier, a Federal tax holiday would be cheaper, and would be far more effective, because it would let us save or spend our own money as we see fit.

The other reason the question is off base is that the Federal Government has no money of its own. Never did. "Federal funds" consist, either directly (through the personal income and excise taxes) or indirectly (through corporate taxes) of money taken from our pockets as the result of our work. The fact that the Feds can take our money and place all kinds of restrictions on it before the State can use it should be an outrage to all of us! Even worse, the mandates that accompany so-called "Federal funds" are now bankrupting the States, since they often require "matching funds" for their projects that are taken from our State tax dollars! It has been estimated that 46 of the 50 States are facing budget shortages this year. The fact that the problem is so universal should point to the real culprit -- the District of Coercion.


Anonymous said...

I apologize for the comment referenced as "hostile" - I think what happened is I intended to make a sarcastic remark about the NH legislature marking HR6 as "inexpedient to legislate", and then I mis-posted the comment to the wrong thread. Anyway, It wasn't intended to go against the grain!
- "anonymous" ;)

Anonymous said...

on a related topic to "sovereignty", it appears the Montana House Bill 246 is getting traction in the state legislature - the bill would acknowledge gun rights provisions for firearms and ammo produced/sold in MT - stating they would NOT be subject to downstream federal firearms regulations.

read story here

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