Friday, February 20, 2009

State Sovereignty Resolution Update 2/20

Tennessee: On Wednesday, State Rep. Susan Lynn (R-Mt. Juliet) introduced HJR 108, modeled on Oklahoma's.

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania State Rep. Samuel Rohrer (R-Berks County) has announced plans to introduce a similar resolution to the Pennsylvania House.

New Hampshire: Despite that "inexpedient to legislate" tag, New Hampshire's HCR0006 is not dead yet. Several blogs (including the New Hampshire Campaign4Liberty) have announced a rally at the State House in Concord March 4, 8-9 am in support of the resolution.

One Ohio legislative staffer has indicated that there is movement here in Columbus to introduce an Oklahoma-style resolution here. The staffer indicated that the New Hampshire resolution was read, but was "too flowery." (More like it, the resolution was too scary -- it contains a secession trigger).

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Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a secession trigger. I would propably help them to understand what "Don't Tread on Me" means...