Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oklahoma State sovereignty resolution passes in House

Oklahoma's HJR1003, the model for most of the other State sovereignty resolutions, passed its House of Representatives yesterday 83-13 on the third reading.

(The link to the House vote is on page 6 of the listing linked above).

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PhreedomPhan said...

If you folks haven't visited my lostliberty blogspot yet, I really think you will find some important information there on the program to reduce the States and local governments to conquered provinces of the Washingtonian Empire. There's references to documentation that grants and "revenue sharing" are among the tools to bring this about. There are also some interesting maps following the article. Just go to the July 30th, 2008 post "Regionalism - Death of the American System of Government."

BTW, I've put you on "My Blog List" on both lostliberty and americasenemies.