Friday, February 27, 2009

State Sovereignty Update - 2/27

A commenter to MRStep points to a resolution (HR61) introduced yesterday in the Virginia House of Delegates by Christopher K. Peace (R), which is shorter and milder than Oklahoma's.

The Tenth Amendment Center reports that the South Carolina House passed its State Sovereignty resolution yesterday, which contains the same secession trigger as New Hampshire’s. The measure now faces a vote in the State Senate.

The same source has also reported that a second resolution (HCR 172) has been introduced in the Kentucky House of Representatives by Rep. David Floyd (R). It is mostly similar to HCR 168 introduced by Rep. Stacy on Feb. 25, but adds an interesting line about Federal mandates violating the Bill of Rights in the Kentucky Constitution.

I have learned from the Mental Militia Forums (link from a link…) that the Montana resolution, which provides for the nullification of Federal gun statutes, passed its House Feb. 11 by a 60-40 vote.

MRStep has learned that the Utah Legislature adopted a sovereignty resolution similar to Oklahoma’s in 1995.

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