Friday, February 13, 2009

Ohio is building a movement for State sovereignty!

A new group has posted a State sovereignty resolution on the Internet at Known as Ohio Liberty and Sovereignty, the site has adapted Oklahoma's resolution and is attaching to it an Internet petition for its adoption. The site also includes a downloadable paper petition.

I have signed it, and strongly encourage my fellow Ohioans to sign it also.

Another group has scheduled a rally to demand accountability from the Federal, State, and local governments, to be held at the Statehouse 7 am-noon on Wednesday, April 15. Further details will be posted here when available. While the stress seems to be on Second Amendment rights, the rally will not limit itself to that issue. The contact person is Virginia Brooks.

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Anonymous said...

wasn't there also one being drafted for this website? what's the best approach - divide and conquer (draft multiple and submit to legislature to see what sticks), or should we all be getting behind one?

i looked at the one on the ohiofreedom site - it seems "shorter" than the others I've seen - shouldn't it site specific conditions for drawing line in the sand, like the NH one did?