Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Montana House approves sovereignty bill

Montana's News Station (actually a chain of CBS television stations in that State) reports that the Montana House of Representatives has voted in favor of their sovereignty resolution in a second reading. Strictly speaking, Montana's HB 246 is a bill to nullify Federal firearms statutes within the State of Montana, something that to my knowledge has not been attempted since before the War between the States. The bill still faces a third reading in the House and votes in the State Senate.

Virtual buckeye to an anonymous commenter.
The above post reflects corrections made 2/18/2009.


Anonymous said...

technically, if you look at the bill's status, I think it says it's gone through a 2nd reading, but I don't think they've done a final vote yet in the house. anyway this is really encouraging news, hopefully this will maintain momentum through the senate too and set a strong precedent for other states to follow!

Harold Thomas said...

On re-reading the link, you are correct. Montana apparently requires three readings of a bill. The bill then goes through an "exchange" process on a set date where bills passed in one House are sent to the other for consideration.