Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Iran, again

Several of my Facebook friends have been circulating this map of U.S. bases surrounding Iran, following Iran's threat last week to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States:

No wonder Iran feels threatened!

This map has been verified from various sources (best single source is the Canadian think tank Global Research, but I have checked others). I have verified all of these locations except Georgia and Azerbaijan (upper left on the map).

We are beginning to hear the same aggressive talk toward Iran that I heard a decade ago in the runup to the war in Iraq.

I am unalterably opposed to such a war. As I have repeatedly stated, a war with Iran will be a catastrophe from which the United States will never recover. Not financially. Not politically. Not militarily. Not economically. Not ever. I wrote this four years ago, and I stand by it today. Iran has never attacked us (whether it would like to do so is another story).

I can see only two reasons, both invalid, for even attempting such a thing: (1) To protect Israel (which is perfectly capable of protecting itself), or (2) because the establishment wants to prolong a state of continuous war for economic reasons. The Iranian desire for a nuclear bomb is a natural response to the threat it perceives from us. However, it would be too late for anyone to dissuade the Iranians from continuing, even if the US withdrew all of our troops from the region.

The United States has only one sustainable foreign policy -- to mind our own business. Unfortunately, we find it difficult to communicate that fact to our fellow Ohioans, let alone to Washington. The unsustainable foreign policy, along with the mounting deficit, coming hyperinflation, and accelerating loss of personal freedom, will contribute to the breakup of the United States in the near future, which could prove to be the best thing for all concerned.

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