Friday, October 14, 2011

"Leftist intellectual" now an oxymoron

And I'm tempted to take the "oxy" off of that last word.

Years ago, during the Vietnam protests, the socialist intellectual was a force to be reckoned with. You had to be sharp to come up with good conservative arguments to counter their positions.

Forty years later, having mostly gotten their way, the left has gotten soft in the head, as evidenced by these "Occupiers" of Wall Street, as reported in Rebellion.

Exhibit A: 
Inteviewer: "Why should I pay your college tuition?"
Occupier: "I can say what I want!"
Uh, I need a stronger case than that, kid.Obviously you don't have the smarts to get a scholarship...

Exhibit B:

This dude was probably motivated by that childish retort to an insult, "It takes one to know one."

Exhibit C:
I'll have to quote Old Rebel himself on this one:

Gee, who said the Occupy "Fill in the blank" protesters were a little fuzzy about their goals? Oh, yeah, I said that.

Well, this should clear things up. First, this group of Occupiers protests the banks and their influence in the central government.

But this leader of the Occupiers goes ballistic when he sees an "End the Fed" sign and rips it up. (Warning: Language.) Um, the Federal Reserve is the mother of all banks -- it's a privately owned megabank that controls the money supply. Sounds like a whole lotta unaccountable power to me.
To summarize in three words: Dumb and Dumberer.


Barga said...


Barga said...

(the previous screw up post somewhat diminishes my point...)

As one of the last strongholds of intelligence and intellectualism on the left (as you can no doubt attest to, I sadly must agree with the premise and title. My side is starting to lose all of our arguments and, while I believe that our positions are the intelligent ones, no longer understand how to argue in a persuasive, engaging, and proper discussion, let alone political discourse.

How sad is it that I need I can get better arguments for my side simply be debating you guys (and thus being forced to learn more) than from discussing with my own compatriots?