Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Iranian "threat"

Justin Logan at the Cato Institute has compiled a history of U.S. government efforts to persuade us that Iran is a threat to our national security. As long ago as 1991, Congressional reports and CIA assessments asserted that "the government of Iran has acquired all or virtually all of the components required for the construction of two to three nuclear weapons." The feds continued to hype the possibility of Iran possessing nuclear weapons throughout the 199os.

In January 2000, a CIA assessment held that "the CIA cannot rule out the possibility that Iran may possess nuclear weapons. The assessment is based on the CIA’s admission that it cannot monitor Iran’s nuclear activities with any precision and hence cannot exclude the prospect that Iran may have nuclear weapons."

Mike Tuggle, who posted Mr. Logan's article in Rebellion, summarizes it this way:

Despite the record of hyping up the imaginary Iranian threat, the pro-war, any war crowd keeps sounding the alarm. John Bolton's "United Against Nuclear Iran" organization, for example, keeps the Chicken Littles screaming for a pre-emptive strike against a nation that has not threatened us, and is not occupying the lands of any other nation.

This is the way DC keeps its subjects in line -- with a steady diet of fear. That way, we will humbly look to our overlords for protection, and will surrender whatever they demand, whether it be our children to serve in DC's armies of "liberation" or tax dollars.

Tyranny thrives on instilling fear in the people. If the United States ever goes into war with Iran, we might then have just cause for being afraid. Iran, originally known as Persia, is a large nation that has existed continuously since Biblical times. A war with Iran makes no political, economic, or military sense; but such a war could easily inflict damage on us in all three respects.

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