Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to approach the Occupy movement

I know many people consider the League of the South to be a racist organization,* but I think their approach to Occupy Whatever is exactly right. We need to consider the same for Ohio.

From their news release Oct. 17:
The League of the South, the primary Southern nationalist organization, has watched the Occupy Wall Street movement for a month now with some interest. We have even been asked to participate in some of the protests in cities across the South.

However, we have politely declined. And here's why, according to League President Michael Hill: "Though we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Wall Street banksters are crooks, we have no interest in either occupying Wall Street or reforming it. Simply put, we want to leave it behind, along with every other corrupt institution of the American empire, and work to create a free and independent Southern republic. That is our solution. We encourage the Southern people to embrace it."(Emphasis added).
* I report, you judge.


John McAlister said...

I have attended several of the League's national meetings and can testify that they are NOT a racist organization. Rather they are simply saying they have no desire to live under a continuous regime of American Empire with all the bad effects empire places on its citizens. They are people who subscribe to Jefferson's words that in the course of human events, it periodically "becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another." They just want out of the Empire and follow the words of Patrick Henry when he said "shall liberty or empire be sought?" They side on liberty and self determination.

Harold Thomas said...

John, I agree with you based on my own experience; but am unprepared to debate with someone who insists on toeing the politically correct line.

The Empire is harmful to all of us. I pray that Jefferson's words will soon resonate with us, as well.