Friday, October 7, 2011

Who's behind the campaign against Issue 2?

As the Ohio Liberty Council has observed, We Are Ohio (the anti-Issue 2 movement) clearly is not "a bipartisan, grassroots movement speaking for Ohio’s middle class." The truth is reflected in the campaign finance figures submitted to Secretary of State Jon Husted in July, displayed on a graph at the Ohio Liberty Council site that I was unable to reproduce here. Note how the contributions are grouped: $3.7 million from international unions, $2 million from Ohio unions, and less than $40,000 from individual donors. As an objector in a union shop myself, I know that much of that money was forced in union dues from employees who disagree with the leadership's politics. Follow the links at the bottom of the post, then decide for yourself whether We are Ohio is looking out for the public interest.

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John McAlister said...

Ask your city council to pass a resolution (like we're doing in Gahanna) to support a YES vote on Issue 2.