Thursday, November 18, 2010

U.S. Senate bill seeks restriction of personal gardens

Update Nov. 22: Corrects some of the statements made here.

Called the "food safety modernization act", S.510 would outlaw gardening and saving seeds, in the name of "safety". Obviously, it is an unconstitutional violation of intrastate commerce, if anyone other than a liberty activist still cares about the Constitution. It would also enable the Department of Homeland Security(!) to make Manna Storehouse an ordinary occurrence. The Senate voted for cloture yesterday, with a Yes vote from Ohio's Sherrod Brown.

We must urge Sen. Voinovich and future Sen. Portman to vote against it; and let Sen. Brown that we are agin' him on this bill.

The only good thing I can say about it is the (black) humor it has generated in Facebook:

When gardening is outlawed, only outlaws will have gardens.

And these from Jeffrey Jordan.

I'll give up my tomatoes when they pry my cold, dead hands from around them.

Give me pickles or give me death.

God, guns, and grapes made this country. Let's keep all three.

An apple a day keeps the black helicopters away.

Hell, no! We WILL grow!

Don't tread on my beans.

Uncle Sam Wants You to Eat at McDonald's.

Ho, ho, BHO. How much dill am I allowed to grow?

Pumpkins don't kill people. People kill people.

Virtual buckeyes to Heidi Perron and Teri Cain Owens in Facebook.


Charlie Earl said...

Georgie V. is exiting with a bang as he limits our freedom once again.
New government slogans:
Porn's OK, corn is not.
Seeding is seditious.

Anonymous said...

Is there life after death?
Mess with my garden and find out!!!