Monday, November 22, 2010

It's not a good week for journalism at The Ohio Republic...

Fast on the heels of my errors on S.510, I have been advised that Glenn Beck lied to his viewers when he claimed that Wilmington, Ohio, did not receive any government money for its recovery. And official sources back up Mr. Beck's critics. According to the Advanced Recipient Reported Data Search:
  • The City of Wilmington received $246,623.00 in stimulus money;
  • The Wilmington City Schools received $2,295,625.38; and
  • Wilmington College received $59.818.00
In addition, Clinton County (of which Wilmington is the county seat) received more than $4 million in stimulus grants.

It is very disappointing to see a trusted source distort the truth in this fashion; but I would be doing my readers (and for that matter, myself) a great disservice not to report my errors when they are discovered.

If you want to see Glenn Beck in Wilmington Dec. 15, go ahead. But don't make the same mistake I did. Do some followup research!

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