Thursday, November 4, 2010

Preparing for the chaos to come

The signs are increasingly ominous that the political and economic systems we have known in the United States are about to collapse. While the collapse may not be preventable, it can be mitigated if we will face reality and are willing to act.
  1. Bring the Ohio National Guard home from Iraq and Afghanistan. If chaos erupts, we need them here to restore order, and to prevent the US military, or worse, foreign mercenaries, from imposing their idea of order upon us.
  2. Restore the Ohio militia for the same reasons, as provided in Article IX of the Ohio Constitution.
  3. Allow an alternative currency, based on silver (and optionally, gold), to be used in payment of state and local obligations. While the state is barred from coining money or issuing bills of credit, the state can under existing law accept gold and silver, and could pass a law allowing acceptance of currency fully backed by gold or silver. My suggestion is the "buckeye sterling," exactly equal to the old US silver dollar (now worth about $15 in Federal Reserve Notes). This way, pre-1965 US coins could be returned to circulation, because they would hold the same value.
  4. Begin supporting our neighbors' small businesses and buy our food locally. If we live where we can start a garden, buy seeds for next spring's vegetables and herbs.

If we do this soon, we will protect ourselves from the worst, while (for the moment at least) remaining in the union.

It's called preparedness.

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