Thursday, November 18, 2010

Legislative Agenda for 2011

Earlier this year, I created a page to suggest a legislative agenda for Ohio this year. Because our House Speaker was "gutless wonder" Armond Budish, we were not able to achieve any of it. With both Houses in Republican control, we should be able to achieve at least some of our agenda next year.

The Tenth Amendment Center has provided a resource for model nullification legislation on a host of topics from intrastate commerce to firearms to Constitutional tender (what we have been calling "honest money"). I encourage all our readers, especially those who will be serving in the 129th General Assembly, to review the suggestions, and to consider what we should be doing come January.

What nullification legislation do we need next year? Or do you think that nullification is a waste of time and we should go straight to secession* ?

Write a comment with your suggestions.

* This is more extreme than I am willing to advocate right now -- but there is a possibility that future federal actions will push me to that point.

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