Monday, August 30, 2010

Zack Space should be getting heartburn about now

... with this third-party ad that is appearing in his district. One thing it should do effectively is to make Joe Dinnerbucket think long and hard before voting knee-jerk Democratic in his (and John Boccieri's) Congressional race.

As Capitol Confidential at points out:

The ad reminds voters of the issues at stake — the budget, securing our borders, reckless growth of government and the cost of the Cap and Tax bill – and in Ohio Cap and Tax is a huge liability. Ohio is already experiencing some of the highest unemployment rates in the country (10.4%) and Cap and Tax would send upwards of 100,000 Ohio jobs overseas. The bill would damage the state so much that even the State Senate has gone on record opposing the bill.
Ohio has waited thirty years for an economic recovery -- but as I pointed out last Thursday, jobs are not the answer. Small business opportunity (entrepreneurship) is.

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