Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Secession" is "not the rantings of extreme kookism anymore"

Thus says none other than heretofore neoconservative Rush Limbaugh, in response to a caller on his show August 5.

Let's see, secession has now been treated seriously by some mainstream media (Fox News, The Arizona Republic) and by talk radio commentators (Glenn Beck, in addition to Mr. Limbaugh).

Reasonable people are now concluding that getting out from under a régime that fails to work for the people who elected it is not such a crazy idea anymore!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I don't look to loudmouth media pundits like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck or loudmouth liberals like Randi Rhodes and Keith Olberman for insight into anything. Their divisive tactics have done far more harm to the country than good. They are part of the problem because they help keep the country divided. And that's what the political and corporate elites want- they want to keep the political conversation shallow so we don't talk about what the real problems are: too much corporate power and influence over government, the destruction of the middle class through tax and trade policies and corporate welfare, an economic policy that wants to keep wages low, a completely broken campaign finance system, the damage that the Supreme Court caused through rulings that enshrined corporate personhood into (case) law, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

Harold Thomas said...

My point has less to do with caring what Mr. Limbaugh thinks, than to note that this statement marks a major shift in his thinking. Whatever we may think, he does have a large base of loyal listeners who are influenced by his opinion.

I am simply marking it as a small victory for secessionism.