Friday, August 13, 2010

President Obama to raise money for Gov. Strickland Aug. 18

Laura Bischoff at the Dayton Daily News reports that the President will be at the Columbus Athenaeum for lunch Aug. 18. Tickets will cost $500 per person -- $2,000 for "priority seating."

At a time when Democratic politicians all over America are distancing themselves from the President, our Governor chooses to embrace him!

That should say something about where Gov. Strickland's loyalty lies.

What we really need is a good protest like the one they had in Texas on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

wow, strickland must be politically dumb, or he really wants to lose.. when ever other demorat in a swing state is campaigning against hussein, strickland let's him hold a fundraiser for a meager $500-$2000 a plate!!! at $500+ a plate, it sure is a fitting event for the ruling class.