Monday, August 2, 2010

Bangladesh restores its constitution. Why can't we?

I never gave much thought to Bangladesh, one way or the other. However, this article from India's national newspaper, The Hindu, was stirring in the way the Bangladeshi judiciary acted to restore the freedoms of the people.

The action has some politically controversial aspects, including leaving open the question of how to reconcile freedom of religion and a statement that Islam is their state religion; but it is clearly evident that the decision enjoys great support from the current leadership of the nation, and from its people.

The Hindu's writer, Haroon Habib, makes an essential point that could have been made by Thomas Jefferson:

Nonetheless, there are some crucial lessons to be learnt from the judgment. One is that it is the fundamental duty of all citizens to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution against any onslaughts as and when they are made.

Maybe you have to be a poor Asian country to restore what is right. When we get rich and fat, it becomes too difficult...

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