Friday, August 13, 2010

Don't mess with Texas

A crowd demonstrated in Austin, Texas on Monday in 104-degree heat, and the mainstream media can't be bothered. Not only did they demonstrate, as displayed below (and reported in Human Events); but their Governor Rick Perry reportedly got an icy reception from Emperor President Obama when he wanted to hand him a letter requesting additional federal help in protecting the southern border from drug cartels and gangs. Democratic politicians in Texas have become allergic to the President.

While most of the speakers were candidates running for state and local office as Republicans, the rally itself had a Tea Party flavor to it, albeit with a Texas twist.

Attendees carried signs with anti-Obama and anti-government messages, similar to Tea Party slogans:

• Rejecting Socialism is Patriotism
• I Love My Country, I Fear My Government
• Free Markets, Not Freeloaders.
• Sounds Like Marx, Acts Like Stalin, Must Be Obama

The Tea Party favorite “Don’t Tread on Me” flags were joined by the Texan “Come and Take It” rallying cry from their War of Independence against Mexico.

And there were plenty of signs that said “Hands Off Texas,” “Don’t Mess with Texas,” and “Secede.” [!]

This led Old Rebel at Rebellion to observe:

Readers send me emails asking if I think secession from the immoral empire will happen within our lifetimes. These days, it looks like it could be within a few months.

I don't think it will happen quite that soon. Keep in mind that, at the present time, no state is prepared to secede. None have an active state militia and none have developed an alternative currency; but the pressure is building. Americans have had enough of federal arrogance, and will soon be ready to throw it off.

Ohio will not secede on its own, but once the collapse begins, we will join most of the rest in finding our way out. I expect this to occur within the next two years.


Anonymous said...

The Tea Party here sounds a bit over the top to me. If they truly abhor socialism so much, they need to advocate for full privatization of roads, bridges and highways (good luck affording your commute), privatization or elimination of public parks and public libraries, the complete elimination of public education and public universities (good luck saving up for tuition for your kids, or saddle them with even more student loan debt than kids have now. Good luck coming up with 12 years of tuition for primary and secondary education), full privatization of airports and air traffic control (good luck affording your vacation).

Harold Thomas said...

Your argument is an example of reductio ad absurdum -- carrying a sound argument to its logical extreme.

The Tea Party is a fairly diverse movement. I don't think most Tea Partiers want to abolish government, as your arguments seem to suggest. They want to reduce (not eliminate) the scope of government, especially the federal government.

While I sometimes call myself a libertarian, the word "decentralist" might better describe my beliefs. I favor (and I think most Tea Partiers favor) limited federal and state governments, but as much local government as a community wants -- the idea being (1) that local government is most accountable to the voters, and (2) if you absolutely can't stand your local government, you won't have to move far to find one more to your liking.