Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Watch the jobs vanish

Check out this map from americanobserver.net. Watch Ohio go from multicolor to almost solid black (over 10% unemployment) in just 3 years.

Notice which areas still have the least unemployment -- North Dakota (in my opinion, because of its state bank) and the D.C. area.

When the D.C. area turns black, the rest of us will start showing brighter colors.

Virtual buckeye to Rebellion.


Northwestern Localist said...

I noticed that it stayed yellow-orange right down the middle of the country.

Harold Thomas said...

Northwestern Localist:
I noticed that too; but except as I noted about North Dakota, I don't have any explanation, except that these states have lost a great deal of population in recent decades. Perhaps (and I'm speculating here) they have reached a point where the jobs they have are needed to serve their small and spread-out population.