Friday, September 23, 2011

Secession is preferable to the Con-Con con

Suggested Ohio independence flag (no stars)
American Thinker reports that there is a nationwide effort to set up an Article V Constitutional Convention to create a "National Debt Relief Amendment." Accordingly, State Sen. Coley (R-Lebanon) introduced SJR2 Sept. 1 for this very purpose.

This subject has been extensively discussed in this space, and nothing I have heard to date has persuaded me that a Constitutional Convention would not be extremely dangerous to liberty in America. I would therefore urge readers to contact their state senators to oppose this resolution.

In fact, I suggest that the likely result of such a convention should trigger Ohio independence. The events of the last year, particularly the inflation of the U.S. dollar, have radicalized me more in favor of secession than I have previously stated (not that I have been completely quiet on the subject, as these links will attest:) 
Video primer on secession
Draft Ohio Declaration of Independence (July 2009)
The case for Ohio independence (Jan. 2008)

Tomorrow, I shall present the other triggers that should prompt Ohioans to seek independence from the United States.

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