Monday, September 26, 2011

Outsider take on Ohio's "Heartbeat bill"

Russell Longcore, of DumpDC, who is often quoted in this space, gave an interesting take on Ohio's HB125, a bill to outlaw abortion once a heartbeat is detected in the fetus:

Politics meet religion in Ohio – The Ohio legislature [House] recently passed the so-called “Heartbeat Bill,” named because it outlaws abortion at the first detectable heartbeat of a human fetus. Now the bill must be passed by the Ohio Senate before it can be signed into law. It will be the most restrictive abortion law in the nation if passed. Remember folks…this is not about reproductive rights. You have all the reproductive rights you deserve…right up to the instant you get pregnant. Then your rights properly morph into responsibility…which is what REAL rights always do anyway. This is about whether or not it’s OK to kill another human being because its existence is inconvenient. Natural law bestows the right to life and NONE of us get here without some help. Good luck, Ohio. Godspeed. About 50 million lives have been snuffed out since Roe v. Wade in 1973. The oldest of them would be nearly 40 years old now…paying into Social Security and Medicare. OOOPS. Unintended consequences suck, don’t they?
The Constitution leaves decisions on these matters up to the states. They are not federal responsibilities. If Ohio wants to outlaw abortion entirely, and another state wants to allow it up to birth; that is up to the people and legislatures of the respective states; and is no one else's business.

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