Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What is "racism", really?

The following questions appeared in an anonymous comment in Rebellion. The first three questions (about Communism) have answers that will vary with personal opinion; and I, for one, do not wish to get into a shouting match with readers over whether Dr. King was or was not a Communist. He obviously favored governmental solutions to problems, and was therefore "liberal" as we currently understand the term, and he had at least one Communist (Bayard Rustin) on his staff. In the absence of an organizational affiliation, one must judge "Communism" on the basis of a person's commitment to Marxist-Leninist or Maoist ideas. Dr. King clearly espoused communitarianism, which is an integral part of the culture of both Africans and African-Americans, which stresses that the local community should be the engine for solving social problems. In my opinion, it is not valid to extrapolate that communitarianism into support for state capitalism, dictatorship of the proletariat, or any of the other central tenets of Communism.

I should add, before someone else does, that Rebellion, being a secessionist site favoring restoration of the Southern Confederacy, is sharply critical of Dr. King's plagiarism in college and of his personal morality, and is strongly opposed to observance of Martin Luther King's Birthday as a holiday. Christian faithful know that God has used some very imperfect instruments for carrying out his will -- and I suspect that Dr. King was one of those. While this reduces Dr. King's value as a role model, it does not erase the good that  his leadership accomplished while he was among us. Nor do these facts erase the thought-provoking value of the questions that follow:
Who was more Communist, MLK Jr. or Obama?

How Communist does someone have to be before people stop calling you racist for calling the person Communist?

Are there any other Communists that have a national day of recognition/holiday?

Why do those that claim to oppose slavery support modern day slavery by buying slave made products from China etc. ad nauseam?

Why do those that oppose racism here not object to the racism of American jobs going to China which is pretty much a one race society?

Why do Hispanics here and in Mexico etc. not complain about the American jobs that went from here, then to Mexico, that then went to China? Isn't that racist?

Why are white people the only people guilty of racism?

Why have American Indians and the jobs they have lost due to "outsourcing" been left completely out of the equation?

Why can it not be mentioned that illegal aliens pouring into the country displaces/replaces U.S. Hispanics, American Indians, Whites, Blacks, Orientals etc., etc.?

Why won't anyone use the word replacism since that is what's happening?

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