Friday, January 14, 2011

Ohio Project update

Commenters to my post on Wednesday about HB 11, to require General Assembly approval before implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") were disappointed that no bill in the Ohio General Assembly has yet addressed the mandatory purchase of insurance.

I anticipate that there will be several state sovereignty-related bills in this session of the Ohio General Assembly. There seems to be some opinion there that the Ohio Project should be left alone to complete its petition and place it on the ballot, which is shared by the Ohio Freedom Alliance, the lobbying arm of the liberty movement in Ohio.

As of Nov. 17, the Ohio Project has collected over 250,000 signatures, not including a blitz last Election Day. They are required to have 385,245 valid signatures, and have set a goal of 577,868. They have collected the minimum 5% of the vote from the 2010 gubernatorial election in the requisite 44 counties.

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Bill Yarbrough said...

I agree that the petitioning should continue at present. However, why would the OFA and OHC not advocate a legislative ballot initiative too?