Friday, January 28, 2011

Déjà vu all over again...

J. D. Longstreet, writing for the Freedom Fighter's Journal, points out that there is a very close parallel between the times in which we are currently living, and the years immediately preceding Mr. Lincoln's War. Both then and now, states are passing nullification resolutions to prevent the enforcement of harmful and misguided federal laws. Both then and now, the people bucked a smug media that insisted that this could not be done. Both then and in the near future (if nothing changes) the people will resort to secession -- even if it means war -- to reclaim their freedom:
Look. This is serious business. I have read “smirking” reports in the mainstream media concerning the states and nullification. I expect you have seen them and heard them, as well. Here’s the truth about that: Those same kinds of reports by the press were made in the mid 1800’s and we all know what happened in April of 1861.

I don’t think the folks in the mainstream media, living their sheltered lives in the metropolitan areas on the east coast and the west coast, have any real idea of the American rage sweeping the nation between their respective coasts. They certainly give no evidence of it, if they do.

I am not beating a drum for the break-up of the United States. I am trying to make the point that if the people of America are not allowed to live and breathe free, that break-up will happen whether anyone beats a drum for it, or not! Fanning the flames of a prairie fire is not required for a little grass fire to become a huge firestorm. It requires only a spark – and sparks are flying all across this land.

Media folk may snicker at the folks in the aforementioned states if they choose. But remember, it has happened before on this very soil.
Mr. Longstreet's article shows a deep understanding of both the current issues and the history of the pre-1861 era. It is well worth reading.

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