Friday, January 28, 2011

Gov. Kasich: "I don't need your people."

So said State Rep. Sandra Williams from the legislative Black Caucus in the video linked here (from WCMH NBC4 in Columbus), who insists that Gov. Kasich told the caucus "quote, I don't need help from you people, unquote." (at 1:31). The Governor's office then insisted that what he meant was that he did not need the help of partisan Democrats. Such a disclaimer is lame following such an impolitic outburst.

We know by now that Gov. Kasich is (1) passionate and (2) sometimes very intemperate in his remarks. Ohio, with its $8-$10 billion budget crisis needs all the help he can get. Some Democrats could be persuaded to support the Governor's plans if he approaches them with a collaborative attitude; but he probably did lasting damage with this gaffe.

I do not agree with Rep. Williams that Gov. Kasich was trying to be racist, and the Governor's Office has shown that he has tried to recruit minorities for Administration positions. I also think that trying to fix quotas by race, sex, etc., is not the way to ensure that your Administration will have all the best people.

However, I do feel very strongly that everyone should be treated with respect, and that the Governor should try to listen more carefully to other opinions. If he cannot learn to do these two things, he will end up in the same fix as George W. Bush -- even his own friends will start abandoning him. And that would be a tragedy for Ohio.

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Bill Yarbrough said...

My sentiments exactly Harold