Friday, July 10, 2009

(Mild) Apology to commenters

Commenters to The Ohio Republic are a civilized lot. I have had to delete only one comment in nearly two years as the result of offensive content; but have found it necessary to delete more and more spam. Since most of my spam attaches itself to older posts, I am instituting a new policy that requires moderation of comments to posts more than 90 days old. This should help me censor the spam, while sparing you the need to do word verification. However, if the problem significantly worsens, I may add that in the future.

Your comments are always welcome, and generally add to our discussion and understanding of the issues.


Pat said...

Being new to this group's agenda, was wondering if anyone has an opinion on the outlook for passing the proposed resolution into 'law,' being successful? any additional comments re: this proposal would be appreciated. thanks... pat

Harold Thomas said...

At this point, it appears that HCR 11 is likely to sit in committee indefinitely. SCR 13 has a very good chance of passage in the Senate, but will require considerable pressure to pass the House.

Pat said...

What kind of 'considerable pressure' would be effective? calling the lawmakers? writing? emailing? personal contact? or, all of the above.

Harold Thomas said...

All of the above, from many people.